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Never Forget The Original Intention of Education and Set The Standard of Excellence for Studying Abroad
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    Professional Educational Team
    Since UC Educations establishment in 1992, we have a professional team of educators that care about everyone of our students like their own. Our headquarters is in Mclean, Virginia and we use all local American staff members and utilize our massive network of host families around the United States to help our students get the full American immersion.
  • Customized
    Customization Application Process
    Our application process is personalized to every detail of the students’ need and reach their full potential in getting into our their dream University. Our core process consists of extensive planning of our students’ background to ensure the students and our team has to tools to help our student achieve his academic dreams.
  • Growth Model
    Academic Progression
    At the beginning of each year our students will undergo extensive safety training with our local American coordinators. All of UC Educations have HMO similar health insurance to ensure our students are always healthy and get to learn.Who is ready to learn!
UC Educations Consultants
  • Peter XieUCE Operation Director
    Grew up in the Cupertino, California and Sacramento, California. He went to a Blue Ribbon high school that had the top distinction for three out of the four years that he was at High School. He attend the University of California on a scholarship where he triple majored. Professionally, he has excelled in many different career paths. He has participated in IPO’s of Chinese firms in the US, to establishing distribution Channels for large China Corporations world-wide. His love for education brought him back to the educational field. He has helped over 10,000 students on their American education so far. He also led UC Educations to become one of the top international education professional teams worldwide. He also serves as the Vice Secretary General of the CPTA (China Parent Teacher Association) Peter, has many hobbies including traveling where he has been to every continent except for Africa. He loves sports and participated in American football, basketball, and track & field in high school. Currently, he still enjoys playing golf and weight lifting. His educational philosophy is - We must find one attribute that our student is better than others and enhance this to the maximum. When studying abroad what your child goes through for better or worse. He has personally experience it!
  • Helen ZhaoUCE Operation Director
    An Alumni of Fisher College (Ohio State University at Columbus) and received a PHD in Economics. She has extensive experience in the Finance and accounting. Currently is on the board of director for three private family planning offices. Dr. Zhao manages our VIP client services department and with our expert consultants help students achieve their academic dreams in the United States. Dr. Zhao’s study abroad ventures started when she was in high school and can utilities her experiences to help our students. Her experience allows her in depth knowledge of how a student should be advises and how they can reach their goals.
  • Kelsey JangUCE Host Family Director
    Working with these students is one of my greatest joys. I think so highly of each and every student who chooses to make the journey across the ocean and away from their home. They are choosing to give up what is comfortable and known in order to grow and become the best version of themselves possible. Their journey is not only remarkable but admirable and to be able to venture out on said journey with each and every one of them is a blessing! I have spent over a decade pouring myself into the lives of young people here in California. Working with UC Educations means that I not only get to partner with kids local to the area but also cross internationally. In helping students to navigate the stresses of every day life my goal is to see each and every student in my care stretch and grow to be contributing, responsible, and likable adults able to Thrive in an ever changing world. Regardless of whether they choose to live out their days here in the U.S. or some other place it is my belief that the team at UC Educations and myself can help any individual in our program reach their highest potential.
  • Russell McColloughUCE Host Family Director
    “It has been my privilege to serve as a coordinator for UC Educations for the past few years. During this time, I've had the opportunity to travel to China on three occasions visiting schools and speaking with students. As a coordinator for students attending area schools, I have the opportunity to help students settle in as we all work with school staff and host families in our unified goal to not only ensure students receive a great education but also to ensure they enjoy their lives while they are here in the U.S. This type of cultural exchange is very rewarding for the Chinese students, the American students and the host families.” Have been working on host family programs for more than 30 years. He is responsible for reviewing the situation of host families and the operation of Chinese students. He has been looking & selecting host families which are safely and reliable. The initial training of our host families and their duties can take hours and hours, but it is very rewarding to see our students and the host family thrive together. And every month after that, it will follow the situation of host families and students to provide the best educational opportunities for every student who comes to the United States.
  • Elisa PeredaUCE Network Course Director
    “Working as a coordinator for UC Educations has been an amazing experience. It gives me the opportunity to encourage all my students to be interested in the culture and English language. I have great respect for the students’ hard work in school and commitment they make to come to the United States to study. I am here for my students with a smile and open personality that helps me interact with them as I guide them in there learning experience in the United States.” Graduated from New Jersey Fairleigh Dickinson University, B.A in Sociology/Education, Group Teacher Certification and Professional Impact New Jersey Teaching Certification for Children. Used worked in primary and secondary school as teacher & consultant. Now she is the leader of UCE Online Tutoring Program, given different cultural backgrounds of students ESL instruction, students' strengths and weaknesses of targeted counseling. At the same time, she can analysis and evaluation of the students' performance stage.
  • Bret TaylorUCE Admission Director
    “I understand that my students are faced with unique and at times very complex adjustments. International students especially need help in overcoming their fears and apprehensions to reach a comfort-level that will allow them to flourish. Though they experience different highs and lows, helping them believe in themselves gives them the fortitude they need to keep moving forward, growing as individuals and unlocking their potential is always the best thing I want to do with my students.” After many years of work in the admissions office, Missy mainly responsible for international exchange students. She has rich experience in interviewing students. She can see students' potential, encourage them and enhance their confidence. She believe that "help others is an educators life passion”. Helping students to apply the appropriate university to complete another stage of life span would give me great satisfaction. She firmly believes that education is essential and we have to learn in every stage of our lives.
  • Ronette WilsonUCE Study Tour Program Director
    ‘’In addition to being laser-focused on English and academics, it is my goal to make sure all my students build confidence in themselves and their own abilities, whether it's sharpening their existing skills or developing new ones. “ As a host family coordinator for many years, she is good at communicating with family and children, understanding the students' learning and living conditions, and giving parents correct and timely feedback. She has served as the coordinator and the tutor of many high schools and universities in California.. Ronette, has managed students as a coordinator or camp director for over 20 years and has experience with students from South America, Europe, and Asia.
  • Megan GunterUCE Expert In Preschool Education
    “I like to work in early childhood education, children make me feel full of energy and vitality. We are not just teaching them in academically but also in their lifelong journey.” Megan Gunter, who has been teaching for more than 20 years, has been a kindergarten principal for nearly 15 years. She is an expert in early childhood education. She has rich teaching experience, is good at discovering children's potential and encourages them to express their views. She will give students love not only in studies, but also in life. Her goal is to find positive attributes in everyone of her students.
  • Peter Xie
    UCE Operation Director
  • Helen Zhao
    UCE Operation Director
  • Kelsey Jang
    UCE Host Family Director
  • Russell McCollough
    UCE Host Family Director
  • Elisa Pereda
    UCE Network Course Director
  • Bret Taylor
    UCE Admission Director
  • Ronette Wilson
    UCE Study Tour Program Director
  • Megan Gunter
    UCE Expert In Preschool Education
  • Lydia ChaoUCE High-end Legal Adviser-VIP Planner
    "As the legal adviser and VIP planner at UC Educations, I am delighted to be able to use my area of expertise to help children in difficulties. The happiest thing for me is to see their smiling faces when their problems are solved. It makes me happy." Lydia Chao received her undergraduate degree at the university of California, Berkeley, and her Juris Doctorate. from Georgetown University law school. She worked for Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich, & Rosati, a primer securities litigation firm in the country. During her tenure as legal adviser and VIP planner at UC Educations, she researched the backgrounds of hundreds of VIP clients and conducted meetings with our VIP consultanting group in the US to ensure our students get into their dream school. She has a 100% success rate when her students applied for Top 50 elite Universities in the United States.
  • Staci AmbroseUCE High-end Consultants for University Applications
    "Education is my life's pursuit. I'm glad to see children improving day by day. I hope this beautiful journey will never end." Staci bio- Staci has 15 years of experience work in admissions department for major US University and currently works for an elite Liberal Arts University in the United States. She is eager to help students to navigate the difficult admissions process of today.
  • Lillian M GimmelliUCE Mathematics Online Course Director
    “It’s my pleasure to work as a tutor at UC Educations Online Program. I can see my student growing up day by day, I am very proud of them!” Graduated from New Jersey Saint Peters University, BS Accounting, bilingual: English and Spanish, hold Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certification, TEFL Certificate. Now working in UCE as an ESL Teacher Educating foreign students in reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Offering proficiency in lesson planning and curriculum setting.
  • Judit JaramilloAmerican High Schools Apply For UCE High-end Consultants
    ‘’I feel lucky to have an occupation that never gets boring and always challenges me to learn new things. I enjoy working with my students and hope that aside from helping them with their studies I will instill the love of learning in them.’’ Graduated from New Jersey Rutgers University, B.A in English Language, professional ESL teacher, has nearly 30 years of teaching experience, hold a second foreign language teaching certificate, used teaching class in primary and secondary schools. She can give students professional learning guidance, help students improve their English level.
  • Carson Andrew KempUCE Junior Online Course Director
    “I enjoy seeing my students learn. Every student represents a different journey. Surmounting challenges together requires determination and teamwork. It's my job to guide my students and discover which methodology will help them best as we pursue our goals together.’’ C. Andrew has been a teacher for over half his life! His journey in education started back in the '90s when he acquired his TESOL. Having not looked back since, he has taught thousands of students over the past 2 decades. A native English-speaker from Canada and the United States was graduated from New York University in international affairs, C. Andrew is now fluent in 4 languages and is currently learning a 5th. C. Andrew once moved to a country where he was unable to speak the local language and stayed there until he was fluent. This experience left him with a unique understanding of the frustration points associated with learning a new language and adapting to a different culture. But more importantly, he learned the best ways to overcome those challenges effectively and how to reach a "foreign mind". Whether it's academics, one-to-one, in the classroom or tutoring, C. Andrew always invests his all, holding his student's hand and helping them make steady progress on their never-ending journey of study and education!
  • Wendy MuirUCE Junior and Senior High Schools Online Course Director
    “From the time I was a little girl, I wanted to be a teacher. My mom was a teacher and she set up a giant blackboard in my basement, and I would invite the neighborhood kids in to “play school.” Now, it is my work, and I still adore it. I love being able to be the first to teach students a new concept or to use my ability to simplify things to help a foreign student understand a concept that was difficult for them. Mastering English and studying in an all-English immersion environment is incredibly challenging. If they can accomplish these tasks, they can truly do anything. These are a few things that I hope they take away from their time with me, as well as some academic skills that will assist them in their future learning experiences.” She has been teaching foreign languages and acting as a private tutor in all subject areas for the past 15 years. She graduated from University of Texas and got TESOL certified. She teaches Latin in an American school and teaches English and tutor foreign students online. She is thrilled to help young people learn and succeed. It is her passion.
  • Jodi ChaoUCE VIP Planning Consultant
    "Education is the job that I have been keen on for many years, I want to help students achieve their goals. This is the driving force behind my motivation. I am willing to use my corporate experience and ability to help as many students as possible." Jodi Chao, graduated from the top 30 university in the United States — She is a New York University undergraduate majoring in Business and continued her studies at Stern Business school for her MBA. She also worked as a senior consultant at IBM. Currently, she is working as VIP planning consultant of UC Educations.
  • Lydia Chao
    UCE High-end Legal Adviser-VIP Planner
  • Staci Ambrose
    UCE High-end Consultants for University Applications
  • Lillian M Gimmelli
    UCE Mathematics Online Course Director
  • Judit Jaramillo
    American High Schools Apply For UCE High-end Consultants
  • Carson Andrew Kemp
    UCE Junior Online Course Director
  • Wendy Muir
    UCE Junior and Senior High Schools Online Course Director
  • Jodi Chao
    UCE VIP Planning Consultant
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